Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Today I saw

I just happened to walk on the road opposite my school.As I walked across, I saw a young girl carrying her bag, walk towards the school gate.Along with her I saw many children waving goodbye to their parents as they entered the school.Suddenly amongst the crowd of children I saw a familiar face.A face I had grown up seeing all my life.I saw a much younger Pranav walk towards the gate.This Pranav was much more energetic and full of life.I could see him playing around with a group of kids.It was probably during the spare time we always had before the early morning prayers. Then, I also saw my buddies from school - Ritesh,Priyanka,Sourabha,Ramprasad,Archana,Shweta,Resham,Hardik. These were the faces I grew up with during my school days.It felt nice to revisit those innocent times of life when life revolved around school,friends,homework,play,family dinners and sleep.Those were carefree times when I was unaware of what a career meant and what salaries and pay-packets were.Today life seems to have taken a 360 degree turn because here I am sitting all alone in my room writing this post.As I write about my school days, my mind goes back to those lovely times we all had in school.Truly,those were the best days of my life.


Blogger aditya said...

Very endearing post! :)

But you weren't alone; while you were revisiting those days, am sure your friends too were in their nostalgic trips, at the same place!

12:13 PM  
Blogger Aarti Ramanan said...

Your imagination is extremely creative, especially, the way you start your posts.

5:41 AM  
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