Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Nation mourns the loss of its brave sons

Terror has struck the financial capital of India yet again.The figures give a better idea about the scale and audacity of this attack- 125 dead, 325 injured,25 hours of intense gun fighting and the battle is still not over as I write about the loss of lives! Amidst all this madness and mayhem,there is one thing common with all other terrorist attacks.It was the people and hapless security forces who had to face the fire while our politicians and leaders sat in their air-conditioned offices with Z + security.
I don't even feel like wasting my time and energy to write about our shameless politicians from the government as well as opposition parties.The entire political class should be thrown in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.I'm sure the contamination levels would only increase manyfold!
What I do care about, like many other fellow Indians, is the lives of innocent citizens and security officers.Three IPS officers ended up losing their lives in the last 24 hours.Hemant Karkare,Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte are no more.Hemant Karkare,the Mumbai ATS chief,had come under fire from the right wing Hindu organisations and political parties after the ATS arrested "Sadhvi" Pragya, Lt. Col Srikant Purohit and some other members of Abhinav Bharat for their alleged role in the Malegaon blasts. He was also called a traitor by many of these organisations for arresting "Hindu's"! Ironically he died a hero's death fighting Islamic terrorists who had opened indiscriminate fire in Mumbai in the late hours of 26 November 2008. At the time of this encounter none of the leaders of these so called nationalist organisations were out on the streets to protect the common man.They probably were busy hatching another plot to forment communal violence between our own countrymen while the government turns a blind eye to everything going on around it to appease the minority. This country sure has a motley bunch of leaders to choose from! It is difficult to judge which group is the worst of the lot!
Along with Hemant Karkare,Mumbai police also lost encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte,former commissioner of Solapur who was always known to be in the thick of action. These officers were supposed to be one of the best in their profession.Hemant Karkare was the kind of leader who led from the front.As chief of the ATS he was never expected to go out on the battlefield with a gun in his hands.Yet,he just did that.Have we ever seen any politician do something of this sort? In a nation like ours where the political class is just not bothered about the plight of the citizens and the state of the country,we can confidently say that the loss of these 3 brave men and their colleagues will not bring any kind of change in attitude of the political leaders.It is with deep anguish and resentment that I say the loss of these 3 officers is just the beginning of many such losses.We have in the past lost many brilliant officers due to the spineless and selfish approach of politicians.We will continue to lose many more officers in the future unless all these politicians are kicked on their bums and booted out by the people of the country.Till then we unfortunately will have to write many such blogs in memory of the Karkare's,Salaskar's and Kamte's.


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