Thursday, September 17, 2009

What If

"What If" actually is a beautiful song written by Coldplay- one of my favourite bands.It starts off with the words - "What is there was no Life.Nothing wrong.Nothing right.What if there was no time.And no reason or rhyme."
I was just hearing the song all over again and realised that the song had a lot of depth in it.The lyrics somehow make a lot of sense.They probably are written from personal experience.
I am sure we all at some point in our lives come at a phase where the most logical and sensible of things just don't make any sense to us.We realise that the feelings we are going through at that time are probably momentary and those too shall pass but somehow deep inside,we just wish or probably hope to hold on.In this life we meet so many people.We go through so many emotions and feelings of joy as well as sorrow.Our family,friends,colleagues,relatives as well as strangers are invariably a part of some of the happiest as well as saddest moments of our lives. At some point in our lives when we look back at those moments we end up asking ourselves a question - "What If". This question generally pops up in our mind at times when we are down and out. The last few months have been those times for me where I have ended up asking myself this question umpteen number of times. This has mainly been due to the loss of someone for whom I always had a lot of warmth and respect.Emotionally I had lost touch with him almost 3 years back due to a disease which couldn't be cured and was slowly taking away every moment of his life.I lost touch with him physically just a few months back. Whenever this question pops up in my mind it ends up making me angry with myself for having been so insensitive at times and for not having done more than I should have to spend more time with that person.What If I had met him atleast once in 4 months whenever I used to go home in Bombay.What If I had called him up regularly when his mind and body was holding on against the onslaught of the disease.I would atleast have had many more memories of him with me.I would have managed to bring a smile or two on his face.The point I am trying to make is how we all end up getting tied up with our daily routine and become machines. Then one fine day due to a particular incident we just realise we have become machines without any emotions and feelings.I guess, most of us have forgotten to live. We are just breathing air,eating food,drinking water and working-to earn money. In between all of this do we ever think of calling up an old friend,talking to our uncles and aunts,meeting up with the neighbour who has been living alone since years,taking care of a relative who has been sick for quite some time ? These are just few things which we can do in a day. The list is just endless. I am sure we all would want to avoid coming across this one question -What If ? The only way to avoid this is to follow your heart. If you ever feel like hugging your parents without any reason just go ahead and do it.Don't think twice. You wish to talk to an old friend with whom you haven't spoken to in ages then just go ahead and call up or drop an email. Trust me he/she won't sue you for doing that! You have been sitting at home just wasting your time doing nothing and wish someone was around so that you could talk.Well, then just get up and go to meet your cousin/friend/relative or just anyone who wouldn't mind welcoming you in his/her home for a day. Life is too short for us to get entangled in routine work and ego problems. So just take time out and follow your heart. You will rarely come across those two painful words - What If.


Blogger gurl..nex..door said...

hmm.. dats on a lil serious side, it happens wid al of us..
hope dat thot does nt bother u often..

11:42 AM  
Blogger Pranav said...

I know that.But at times our emotions just get the better of us and make us feel miserable about ourselves

9:42 AM  
Blogger Lost Mermaid said...

i jst wsh we all remember this after realization .. at times we jst take life a bit too seriously ! n i mean our probs here .. they r never too nig to ignore other ppl !!

~ Ariel

9:38 PM  
Blogger Ekta Shah said...

Didn't know you were a writer! But just read your "What if" blog and I have to say that I am completely touched! There are times when I feel like picking up the phone and calling some friends with whom I have drifted apart over the years just because "life" happened, but never actually did so. After reading this blog, I am inspired to change that way of life. Thank you!

10:01 AM  
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