Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Nation introspects

November 26 will always be remembered as a black day in India.The nation suffered one of the most audacious terror attacks carried out in any part of the world. For the next 3 days the business hub of South Bombay was turned into a war zone.A lot happened during those 3 days and afterwards.People were out on the streets shouting slogans against the terrorists,the system,politicians and almost anyone responsible for the mess we found ourselves in.The lives of one of the brightest and most efficient police officers and commandos were blighted.Around 200 innocent civilian lives were lost in the madness of those 3 days.
Many heads have rolled since then.A lot has been said and written about in the media and other circles.More importantly,people have started demanding the much needed change in the political and bureaucratic system.This talk of change till now was only restricted to political rallies and election speeches.This time things seem to be different.Now the people are demanding and the politicians are on the backfoot.This situation has been created not just due to the loss of those 200 lives in those dreadful attacks.It is a situation which has been created due to the loss of the lives of thousands of soldiers along the borders of India in the past 60 years and those in the paramiltary and police force.The loss of innocent civilians in Kashmir,North Eastern states of India,Punjab and many other states have only added to the body count.The nation always was a mute spectator to this madness.The wayward ways of the political class were seldom questioned which always led to more bloodshed.November 26th was a catalyst to all this madness around us.It has awakened us from our slumber as now the enemy is not just at our doorstep but is inside our homes.The anger and outrage of the people over the system is totally justified.The terrorists not only attacked our homes but also our lifestyle,our history and our freedom.They need to be stopped immediately.The resolve shown by the people after the attacks has been very heartening.This show of strength and unity wouldn't have been possible had it not been for the meaningless loss of lives of the civilians and security forces.We will not be able to get back those who are no more with us.The people we lost on the borders, Kashmir,Punjab,North East and umpteen number of places can never be brought back.But we surely can pledge to ensure that the November 26 attacks will never be repeated.In case they do,we will come out on the streets and demand our basic rights of freedom and security even if the attacks occur in a nondescript village of India.Most importantly, let us pray for those we lost to the madness of violence over the last 60 years.India owes a lot to each and every one of them-civilians as well as soldiers.Let us pray that we as a nation do not fail to protect our citizens.We can only say sorry to the one's who are no more with us.As for those who are with us,let us ask ourselves if we care.I'm sure the answer would be an overwhelming yes.Let this answer be the beginning of a new democratic but firm resolution.This unity should go out as a warning to our enemies both within and oustide the country.The message for our political class is very clear- perform or perish.As for our enemies,we have only one thing to say - Don't you dare!