Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kashmir and the AFSPA

The last month saw a lot of mud slinging amongst the allies of the ruling parties in Kashmir.The bone of contention this time was the contentious AFSPA(Armed forces special powers act) in Kashmir.Regional parties of Kashmir like the PDP and hurriyat have always been opposed to the implementation of this act in Kashmir citing excesses by the security forces especially the army.However,the ruling center has always implicitly stated that it is not in favour of removal of the act under the present situation.The seriousness of this issue can be gauged by the fact that all the PDP leaders including Mr. Mufti Mohammed Sayeed and his daughter have refused to accept the security being provided to them.
I have always felt that the Indian government is to be blamed equally for the rise of terrorism in Kashmir.The people of Kashmir have always been a peace loving community.However,certain political situations created by the Indian government and excesses by the security forces forced them to take up arms against the union.No separatist movement can survive for a period of more than 15 years without any internal support from the locals.The Indian govenment has always failed to address this issue.Blindly pointing fingers at our neighbours is of no use unless we clean up our act.The policy of "the healing touch" cannot succeed if the black sheep amongst our own security forces are not reigned in by the government.It is an open secret that many innocents have lost their lives due to misuse of this draconian act.By no means do I intend to put the entire blame on the security forces which has been working day and night for the last 15 years in an environment of uncertainty and hostility from the locals.However,that was at the beginning of the separatist movement which thankfully, is on its last legs.Most of the people have realised the futility of an armed revolt and slowly the backbone of Kashmir's economy-tourism is picking up steam.At this juncture it is important for the government to win the support of the people who are still sitting on the fence.The removal of the AFSPA will go a long way in ensuring their support.Once the AFSPA is removed the locals can move about without fear of being threatened with "dire consequences" if they do not pay up money or women can move around freely without being molested and raped by irresponsible security personnel who have sullied the name of our great armed forces.
The removal of this act will not only assure us support of the misguided youth of Kashmir but will also shut the trap of our neighbours who have been harping over security excesses and misuse of law in what they call "Occupied Kashmir".


Blogger Vivek said...

Well said. It is imperative that we be considerate to the emotions of the people who we intend to free from the scourge of militancy. It does not bode well for us if we were to alienate the very people whose support we need the most if we are to succeed in our mission to obliterate terrorism from the Vale.
I agree that mere finger-pointing across the border simply fails to acknowledge that of the fingers in the hand, some are even pointing back at us. Until and unless we are sincere in our desire to integrate the Vale into the Union, and are seen to be sincere, nothing substantial can be achieved.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

long time and u havent written anything hilarious...........

--the devil

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