Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bombay meri jaan

Bombay-the city of dreams.The city that never sleeps.The city which never stops...just a few examples of the way bombay is described by people.For me bombay has always been an enigmatic city.The plush residential areas of south bombay,the hip n happening cafe's and hang out places in bandra,the by lanes of central bombay,the suburbs have all contributed to the charm and variety that bombay offers to everyone.The concept of "cutting chai", the bambaiyaa hindi,the metropolitan culture of the city,various irani restaurants,bakery's of bandra...will always be an indigenous part of bombay.
I'm sure each and every bombayite will have his/her own favourite roadside food stall,chaiwallah,hangout place,discotheque.What gives bombay its unique charm is its diversity.No where else can u find a city which serves u all kinds of food rite from delhi chat to the ubiquitous dosas,chinese,japanese,lebanese and all such unheard of dishes.People may compare bombay to the best European cities,New Yorks,Shanghai's but none of the above places have the warmth,history and an equal share of dark secrets.The most surprising part of bombay is that it never ceases to surprise you.It has its equal share of gujju bhai's,madrasi anna's,UPites,Biharis,sardarji's,parsi's,gurkha's(at least one in every building) and ofcourse the marathi manoos along with the highly respected(by some) or despised bhailog.
No matter how much a bombayite earns in any other city or any corner of the world he/she'll always miss the social outings,the chit chats with neighbours,the katta's where friends always hung out,the neighbourhood ice creamwallah,the filthy beaches(I'm sure you'll miss juhu beach even if you go to hawaii for a holiday),the chicks and babes,his old(probly dilapidated) school building,the local zoo(yeah I'm talking about jijamata udayan),nariman point,worli sea face and many such beautiful and secluded places where lovers meet up to spend a few silent moments to mutter sweet nothings in each others' ears.
I can very proudly say "Bombay meri jaan".


Blogger Neeraj said...

You missed out the roads. :-)
The thing is that an average Mumbaite is so used to terrible roads he tends to value roads elsewhere better. For example, recently, I was in another city being told how horrible and unmotorable the roads have become. I simply couldnt find any flaw in the road conditions. Somebody take these guys to Powai, Airoli, Turbhe, etc. to tell them what bad roads really are!

10:46 AM  
Blogger Pranav said...

See,thats what I meant.Even when u were in a city with better roads u couldn't help but think of how bad the roads in BOMBAY were.Thats what Bombay does to everyone who has lived in the city for more than a year

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

but u missed to include the dark underbelly of mumbai... the slums, the underworld dons, red street and the likes....

8:54 PM  
Blogger Srikrishnan said...

Nothing to beat Mumbai dude! Only whe you stay out of Mumbai, you will realise "NOTHING TO BEAT AMCHI MUMBAI!!!"

11:16 PM  

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