Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What is Love?

Love- That's one word which has always made me search for answers.I'm yet to find an appropriate answer for it.Love can manifest in various forms.Friendship,respect for parents,idolizing someone,being inspired from someone.These are all different forms of love.But,one form of love which I still haven't been able to understand clearly is the one between opposite sexes.What is it that makes us realize that a person X is made for us, or a person Y is the one who can really make us smile when we are in a poignant mood,make us ecstatic when we are down.What is it that makes our hearts go thud thud when we see that special someone.I am safely assuming that this happens to everyone purely on my personal experience.Why do we always have that glow,that happiness,that sheepish smile when we see the perfect someone who we always feel is made for us? I'm still trying to find out answers to all these questions.

I guess one of the reasons for it is God's very beautiful and enigmatic creation-woman.Its not that we always get attracted to every other woman who crosses our path(thank god for that) otherwise the world would have been full of dreamers(or shall I say men of vision).Whenever a cute,sweet face somes in front of me I always go into a trance.It makes me wonder how god must have taken time out from his busy schedule to create someone with so much attention.But,the very next moment a close friend of mine on seeing my object of attraction,will on most occasions advise me to go in for an eye check up.Am I sounding too confused?Well love itself is so complicated.Isn't it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

get real dude... leave the pscho-bable... and come to world where the battle of the sexes is on..... and love is complex an emotion to even give it a thought...as it is classically said.... love happens..... it does!!

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way u knw who wrote the above comment.....

--- the devil

2:26 AM  

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