Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thank you God

I must admit,like many people I too have a habit of cribbing about insignificant things. "Mom why is the dal cold today?". "Why have you made so and so dish today?". "Why can't we go abroad on a holiday?". These are some of my oft repeated complaints.
I guess I have started valueing the things I have (or rather given to me by God) more over the past few months.Well,I sincerely hope,I do value them.
I guess that's probably because I have started realizing that I have been far more privilged and lucky than many of the others in this world.I still remember my dad telling me to think about those who were less fortunate than me.
I can no longer crib about not being given a permission to go on a trip abroad as I have seen people struggle to travel to office,college everyday due to lack of money.I can no longer complain about not being given my favourite dish as there are many people out there in the World who are forced to eat the caracass of animals as they have nothing else to eat.I can no longer complain about not being given enough pocket money as there are many people(esp. students) who are unable to study due to lack of money,while I am studying something by paying a fair amount of money without getting the required results.

I don't know what good I have done to get all these things.I really don't know why the other's are not equally blessed by God.I really have no answers why people are dying due to hunger and starvation while many of us don't even think twice before throwing away a large part of food from our dishes. I have no idea who can answer these questions.

But,I do know one thing. Someone up there loves me and is taking care of me and my loved ones.When I meet that someone, up there,I will thank him profusely for giving me so many things which I have never worked for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

U have mentioned in your profile that you are single & ready to mingle.After reading this post of yours I have realised that you have a heart of gold.I'm really interested in meeting you.I'll continue posting comments

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there brother..
good post..
but i think u can write better..
use some of that preparation for CAt show .. use some confusin words.. hehe..
anyway, must congratulate u on ur efforts..
i have a blog but no patience to post..

take care.. n keep postin.
god bless..

8:46 AM  

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