Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Mahatma and his legacy

October 2,1869.This day will remain one the most important days in the annals of history.On this very day one of the most important figures in world history was born in a middle class family of India.Born,Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,he was lovingly called bapu and respectfully known as Mahatma or "The Great soul".I consider myself and all my fellow Indians to be proud inheritors of his legacy of ahimsa or non-viloence and satya (truth) although very few of us put his teachings into practise.I however am proud of the fact that such a great man was born in my country-India.One can never doubt his integrity and commitment to his teachings. However,the events that have occured in India and the whole world after his death does put a question mark over his philosophy of non-viloence.Fundamentalism in the name of religion,class,race has begun to reach its apex.Religious intolerance has increased manyfold.Albert Einstein's prediction in the late 1940's that "there would come a day in the next 100 years when people would find it hard to believe that a man of the stature of Mahatma Gandhi once walked on this earth" is slowly but surely coming true.
Even in Gandhiji's motherland-India his name is usually taken with a lot of contempt especially the misled new generation.People have started believing that the Bhagat Singh's,Savarkar's and Mangal Pandey's were bigger freedom fighters than Gandhiji.But,the point is not who was a bigger freedom fighter or who did more for the country.The point is whose teachings hold more importance in today's world.In today's world which is filled with corruption,viloence,religious intolerance,casteism and racism the need to keep his legacy alive is of utmost importance especially in India which is a country consisting of various ethnic minorities,castes and religions.
It is very unfortunate,that India,inspite of having such a great man as it's leader at the time of Independence has not been able to live up to its potential.I guess that is probly because we were not ready for Independence at that time,or because we had the wrong and innefecient dynasties ruling us for most of the last 50 years.But, I sincerely pray to God that people try to understand bapu's teachings with complete attention instead of reading it just for the sake of reading.Perhaps we might rediscover his teachings,his philospohy of life and his vision of not just India but the whole world.Perhaps,people might be forced to drop their arms in Palestine,Kashmir,Iraq,Ireland,Russia just about any corner of the world,the way they did just a few months before Independence in the hamlets of Bengal in 1947 at the height of the communal frenzy that had spread throughout the whole of North,North West and East of undivided India.Perhaps we may finally succeed in making the world a better place to live in.Perhaps...... this dream may finally come true after aeons.


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