Saturday, October 08, 2005

Those were the days

Few years back when I was in school I always had a jonesing to be a part of the "hip n happening" college life.That craving just went on rising in my 10th std days.I literally dreamt of being in a cool college where I could wear anything,go in at any time and move around anywhere without anybody's permission. But now I feel as if my life has come a full circle,literally.It is only now that I realise that school days are one of the best days of any person's life.That personal attention given to students like "Pranav I would like to meet your parents as I have received some complaints from your teachers regarding your (mis)behaviour", "Pranav you are one of the most notorious students in class" is something which I literally miss whenever I look back on my days in school.I always cursed some of my teachers whenever they hit me in front of the class.Come on yaar izzat ka sawaal hai.How could someone hit an innocent guy like me.There was one particular ma'am who caught me thrice in the same week for different reasons.The end result in all three cases being compete humiliation in front of the whole class.Sob.But strangely I miss all that.I miss being with my last bench friends.I miss playing those sports or games where our P.T sir told us to play a game of dodge ball where the guys got a chance to run in the middle and the girls had to get us out by throwing the ball at our bodies.Well,who wouldn't miss all that.Man those were the days when we all guys used to hang around in the toilets(I guess washroom would sound more appropriate) doing all kinds of things that shouldn't be done by school guys(Don't allow your imagination to run wild).Those moments when we all got a chance to sit on the same benches as the girls whom we had a crush on were really great.Those moments of friendly banter on the last benches in the middle of the periods (yes that's what they were called in school).Then suddenly the ma'am would shout "no whispering in the class" and we all would burst into peals of laughter.I miss teasing all my school pals and chums with literally any girl from the class.I miss that eagerness of going to school to sit with my pals and concentrate(not on what was taught in the class) but on the girls.Not that I can't do it now.But,still those were the days when it was really fun doing such things with school pals and all the chappri,tapori and useless guys(which incidentally also included yours truly).
Strangely I now feel a deep chasm within me when I think about those great days.I feel as if I wouldn't mind being slapped,cursed and chastised by my school teachers.I really would love to go back to that lovely place in one corner of my neighbourhood called school.I miss being with those guys who were always typecast as good for nothings.I really wish that we all should never have grown up.Life would have been really great had we been in school all our lives.What say friends?


Anonymous sai said...

patty da blog was kinda senti but cool it revived all da past memories buried sumwhere in da heart..keep up da good work..

grt goin dude...and at da rate u r gettin comments u wont be single for long dude

take care


11:39 AM  
Anonymous neha said...

totally agree with sai... ur a nice guy dude... single and ready to mingle.. wont take u long to get thr stop cribbin abt how lukha u r... hum hai na ter gf's.. for the timme being...hahahha! kiddin ...

one piece of advice( from a goner)..i mean im no good at this.. writin n all...but i tink thrs smetin lackin..i dunno...may be sme spunk factor or smetin...

newayz is good enuf for me... so.. hats of to u!
take care!

umaaah!(sai style) hahahahaha!!!!!

10:26 AM  

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