Friday, October 28, 2005

Oral exams- one step completed

So, finally friends we have finished the oral exams.Well almost if you leave out the project presentation and vivas.Well I must say that we all had a great time,literally.The best vivas though were the ADBMS vivas.Most of us as usual were clueless.Yours truly the nervous wreck that he is,tried very hard to cram in as much as possible in less than a day.Then as usual there were the ritual missed calls at night to friends and some frequent messaging like "Abe gandu kya padh raha hai","Man I'm completely burnt out", "Hey bhunti pls teach me XML tomorrow in the train"?????? God save our IT industry.With such brilliant engineers-in-the-making one can only pray for the country in general and the industry in particular.Later there will be late night calls from my pal Sunil.An hour's discussion on the SimCAT would later be followed by some exchange of important questions for the next days vivas.Gosh.The topic is vivas and not my conversations with friends and details of my missed calls.Next day yours truly and Gigith do some imminent discusscussions on the crucial topics.Then in the train yours truly would study for 5-10 minutes very seriously till Kurla station.Why just till Kurla? C'mon yaar after Kurla there are a lot of gals jumping onto the train.Have to pay some respect to God's beautiful creation.On some good days I never got to study from GTB Nagar station.Ha ha.
Later in college bhunti's like Shreedhar,Sahul and the rest would ask g***u kitna hua.Yours truly's reply being "khaas nahi". This would be followed by some curses from Shreedhar."Saale sab kuch padhke aaya hoga". This msiconception could probly be because he is unaware of the travails of travelling by train.Ha ha.
Anyways there were many common questions asked in the vivas yet most of us were clueless.Probly because we had less time to prepare.Huh.As if I would have studied more had we got more time to prepare.In the last vivas many funny things happened.The external tells us to write everything and most of us were blank.We just gave him that sly smile.In whispered tones asking the neighbours "abe kya likhoo","Kuch toh bata". Luckily for me I did give a few (wrong) answers. Some of my friends read(bhunti) were so unlucky that they knew the answer but didn't undrestand the question to answer the same.Quiet tragic.
Anyways now it's all over and we can look forward to some serious work in the month long leave.Just go for it guys.


Anonymous nehu! said...

ha!ha!ha! this was funny dude! but wats wit the use of "urs truly" so frquently?? newayz... kip up d gud work...

9:20 AM  
Blogger heidi said...

Haha..throughly enjoyed reading this post.

6:10 AM  

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