Friday, September 02, 2005

College and attendance

Nowadays going to the college has become so important.Teachers come to the class after every 15 lectures armed with a list of attendance record.The Final year is very important they say.Your attendance should be above 75%.If you don't attend how will you pass!!!!(haa haa haa)
The professors advice us to score very good marks in the final year."A first class in the final year will help you a lot",says one of the profs.The other says "try to get 70% so that your overall aggregate crosses 60%".With due respect to our professors,I say,"jo 3 saal main nahi kar paya woh 2 sem main kya karega".
Every passing day just makes me happier. Just one more year left now,I say to myself.Only one year among these labs,journals,technology,programs,code and what not.Great! Meanwhile,attending lectures as usual is a mixed bag of fun and boredom.Fun because I can sit on the backbenches and talk to my friends.Boredom because,it's just a waste of time to travel all the way from Sion just for some lectures and pracs which I don't think I'll ever need in the future.But,I guess,this is the price one pays for getting decent marks in 12th and not listening to dad's advice.No problem.I've taken it all in my stride.The only silver lining is meeting some great new friends in the last four years and some great experiences regarding what technology is all about(Did I just say great?).

It's time to leave now.Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Good bye


Anonymous neha said...

hey dude! this was a cool one..n though even im happy tat thrs juz 6 more months to go.. the fact is... i feel really really sad when i tink tat i wont be meetin u guyz tis ive had such a wonderful time here.. n i know u hav had too..n i hope tat we would be in touvh even later on... take care.. u fool! hehehe!

10:08 AM  

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